Xeno Crisis Announcement!

As mentioned in their latest KickStarter update, we are pleased to announce that we’ll be handling the console porting for Bitmap Bureau’s retro arena shooter “Xeno Crisis”.

We’ve known Mike and Matt for many years, working together previously at the UK’s number one independent mobile games studio IOMO just a few short years ago :-).

While the Bitmap Bureau guys focus on the tweaking the final gameplay and creating the amazing selection of retro versions (Megadrive, Neo Geo AND Dreamcast!) we’ll be putting the contemporary console builds through certification - Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft XboxOne.

The modern console versions are in safe hands with DO Games, and we have every confidence that Matt Tighe and his team will do a superb job.
— Matt Cope - Bitmap Bureau, Technical Director

Xeno Crisis is best described as Smash TV meets Aliens with amazing pixel artwork, perfectly tuned gameplay and a pumping YM2612 inspired sound track.’

It’s great to be working with Bitmap Bureau team again. We love their attention to detail and the sheer platform reach and retro appeal of this project!
— Matthew Tighe - DO Games, Founder & CTO

We’d highly recommend you checkout the KickStarter and pre-order for your platform of choice!


Matthew Tighe