About DO

DO Games was formed in 2016 by Matthew Tighe a veteran of innovative, high quality software development in the global games and media industries.

Our goal is to offer indie developers attractive porting or technical assistance packages. With our wide experience of development and platforms we can port titles faster, to more platforms and at a lower total cost.  Developers can then spend their time more effectively building new ideas and experiences - giving best cost efficiency.

We only work on titles we love and are proud of the relationships we build with any developers we partner with, liking to be seen as an extension of the team.

About Matt

Matt started his commercial game development career in mobile games at IOMO Studio in the UK in the early 2000s.  This was was later acquired by InfoSpace Games where Matt worked with Nokia, Vodafone, Three and many other major industry forces.  Here he was the lead developer on many AAA mobile titles such as Chase HQ, Colin McRae Rally 2005, Steve Davis Snooker and Le Mans 2006.  After the InfoSpace acquisition of IOMO, Matt architected and lead the development of the most efficient mobile games porting platform in operation at the time.  This porting solution proved that UK/US based studios could provide high quality output to a wide range of devices at the same cost of equivalent outsourcing due to the technical innovations.

Matt then moved from the games industry into on-device portal provider SurfKitchen (purchased by Teleca, then Harman Kardon) where drawing on his experience for target multiple platforms while still providing best in class UX, he produced a critically aclaimed mobile widget framework for J2ME, Symbian and eventually iOS/Android devices.

After this Matt then moved into the Digital Music industry, eventually becoming "VP of Architecture and Engineering" at Omnifone - the leading provider of global cloud music services.

Here, in 2008 Matt launched Sony Music Unlimited - the first multi-device cloud music subscription service, acting as overall team lead and architect.  This launched on PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Web, Android and iOS.  Matt lead the architecture which ended up serving millions of plays per day for hundreds of thousands of subscribers.  His teams also implemented several of the clients and the work was shared with Sony in Japan and US where Matt acted as liaison.  Matt also launched similar products globally for BlackBerry, SiriusXM and Vodafone.  The platform and team Matt built at Omnifone was later purchased by Apple.

Since then, Matt has worked on a variety of casual/indie game projects as well as being CTO of Electric Jukebox where he created a consumer hardware music appliance from scratch in 18 months.  Matt has released several indie iOS games with various studios, the most notable being KnightFall 3 for Namco, he also lead the development of a 3D Unity incarnation of Super House of Dead Ninjas for Adult Swim which was unfortunately cancelled.

Most recently Matt founded DO games, a company that supplies technical expertise to indie developers to allow them to focus on the creative aspects of game development while making best use of amazing technology and targeting the most lucrative platforms including major consoles.