Unify for UNITY

Simple framework for Unity allows you to target all major consoles and cloud platforms in one go.

  • Covers major certification items
    • For all major consoles.
  • Provides standard handling of:
    • User Management
    • Multiplayer
    • Session Management
    • Achievements
    • Local and Cloud Save Data
    • Video playback

OpenFl to UNITY

Immediately take any Flash or Haxe/OpenFl game and run it on Unity!

  • Run your existing code on Unity!
  • Continue from HAXE source...
  • Mix and match C# where needed
  • Uses standard Scene & GameObjects
  • This allows easy use of:
    • Layers & 3D
    • Built in image effects
    • Unity Asset Store
    • Unity examples from anywhere!

Support & Consultancy

Extend your dev team with our experience of cutting edge games technology and development practices.

  • Unity consultancy
  • Cloud architecture consulting
  • Automated testing support
  • Virtual Reality application
  • Troubleshooting assistance
  • Console certification advice
  • Outsource all console porting