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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Serenity Forge again, this time to bring the infamous game "Where The Water Tastes Like Wine" to consoles. Developed by Serenity Forge and Dim Bulb Games the game is already released on desktop and we are really looking forward to bringing the story to the lean-back living room TV environment via consoles.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a narrative driven adventure game about traveling, sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny. Set in the 1930’s during the Great Depression you have made a deal with devil, forcing you to explore the vast rural land of America as a skeleton. Gorgeous illustration, captivating narratives and excellent voice acting are all hallmarks of the experience.

We are very happy to be working again with Serenity Forge on Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. It is exactly the kind of interesting title we love to work on.... with an aesthetic all of it’s own and fascinating stories both in-game and in-development!
— Matthew Tighe - DO games, Founder and CTO

Check back soon for news of the release dates ,more upcoming titles we’ll involved in, a report on our GDC experience and some more tech blogs!… phew.

Shikhondo Announcement, partnership with Digerati

Today we are happy to announce our next release, "Shikhondo - Soul Eater" for Nintendo Switch, developed by Deer Farm and published by Digerati Distribution!

This marks the first title in our new multi-game deal with Digerati.

Shikhondo is a Korean bullet-hell shoot 'em up set within the beautiful and bizarre world of Asian mythology.  DO handled the Nintendo Switch version including the setup of Nintendo Switch Online Leaderboards.  Getting the game running smoothly with thousands of bullets on screen required bespoke optimisaton work, seeing DO completely re-implement the bullet handling system. The result - solid 60fps whether handheld or docked.

This is exactly the kind of challenge we love; where we can use our experience to ensure a title not only gets released, but with the high quality that consumers demand and that does the title justice.  At DO we love games and bringing them to console is a labour of love, not just a process.

DO founder and CTO Matthew Tighe said of the deal:

"The quality of Digerati's catalogue is obvious and shows they know how to support developers and make a success of their titles.  Shikhondo has a great aesthetic and posed an interesting challenge for us, so was a perfect fit.  I'm looking forward to more of the same working with Nick and the team who have been great.”.

Shikhondo will be released later this summer for digital download and with a limited edition physical run, so it's our first boxed game.


Stay tuned for details of the second game, fruity pie!

Invisigun Heroes Announcement!

We are excited to announce that DO Games has partnered with Shadi Muklashy and Sombr Studio to work on the title Invisigun Heroes!

Invisigun Heroes is a single-screen stealth battle arena with a twist... everyone is invisible!  Play local or network multiplayer across a variety of worlds with your chosen character.

At DO we pride ourselves on working with indie developers producing high quality, original titles with heart and soul; Invisigun Heroes exemplifies this.

From the variety of the arenas, the unique set of characters each with their own abilities, to the beautiful pixel art and pumping sound track - you can see why the title has seen a successful Kickstarter and Steam launch.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and some more future titles very shortly!

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Pinstripe Release for Xbox One and PS4

We are proud to announce that Pinstripe from Atmos Games will be our first successful port to be released, in only a few weeks time!

DO took the original source code, creating the console ports and delivering them on time and within budget.  We worked closely with the publisher, Armor Games Studios to deliver this as their first console title.

Pinstripe will be available on both the Xbox One and PS4 as follows, check out the links below for more information and pre-orders.

Xbox One, February 7th

PS4, February 13th


More successful ports on the way soon, to even more platforms... if you have a game and you'd like help moving to console, mobile or any other platform we'd love to hear more.

Playstation Experience 2017

We've been at PSX 2017 this weekend in Anaheim, California to support the first 2 titles to be ported by DO to all major consoles; The Adventure Pals and Pinstripe.  Both published by Armor Games Studios.

Anaheim convention centre for Playstation PSX
PlayStation PSX expo

The Adventure Pals by Massive Monster, to be released spring 2018 is a quirky side-scrolling platformer with local co-op play, giraffes and a hot-dog obsessed villian.

This title uses our Haxe/OpenFL to Unity re-targeting technology - which provides a great way to super-charge a game you already have in development.  Massive Monster were able to take the existing code, run it in Unity with no changes and continue to update it in Haxe, while DO focused on the porting to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch via Unity.

Our system keeps all graphic elements as true GameObjects in the scene graph.  Because of this, Jay and the team at Massive Monster were able to add in selection of great Unity based shaders and effects to create a really polished visual style.

There will be a tech post on this blog soon going in depth on how this all works, what the challenges were and how they were addressed.

Pinstripe by Atmosgames, to be released Q1 2018 is a critically acclaimed, atmospheric adventure game with a breathtaking audio/visual style.  This was already a Unity title released on Steam when we got involved.  We took the existing game code and handled the porting to Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The Adventure Pals ported to PlayStation 4 by DO Games
Pinstripe ported to PS4 by DO Games

Both games are published by Armor Games Studios which is the new, multi-platform arm of the well established Flash games site we all know and love.

Huge thanks to Jay from Massive Monster who was crazy enough to believe Matt when we said an existing OpenFL game could be ported to console via Unity with no code changes.  Without this and Jay's subsequent introduction to Thomas and Armor, none of this would have been possible.

Secondly, to Thomas Brush for trusting us to handle a game he's poured 5 years into and for being a generally great person to work with.

Finally to the Ryan, Justin, Sean, Dan and the whole Armor Games team for inviting Matt out to PSX and for all their support though the process.

It's been a blast and we are looking forward to seeing both these titles in store and more to come.  If you are and indie dev with a title you'd like our help on please get in touch!

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